Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Hellooooo all faithful cupcake lovers!  Sorry for my incredibly prolonged absence.  Life got a little bit insane with packing, saying goodbyes, driving across North America, and settling into a totally new life in Ontario, Canada.  

The bad news:  The closest Crumbs is now 540 kms away.

The good news:  Cupcakes Canada (a new fave) is right around the corner from where we're living.

I will blog soon in more detail about my recent cupcake adventures, but I wanted to at least let you all know that I am alive, well, and still eating cupcakes as often as I possibly can!


  1. nooo to a crumbs being so far away. i cannot even count the km's between me and a crumbs. we just wont think about it :) i did make cupcakes today. a huge succes using my old recipe but w/ spanish ingredients. and everyone ranted and raved about them. which was funny b/c they were pretty standard but over here baking hasnt really yet taken off. it was very fun to be making cupcakes once again. glad you're back to blogging here!! miss you.

  2. Great cupcakes, friendly staff. I love Dliche Cupcakes too. Agastronomical melt-in-your-mouth experience achieved :)