Monday, February 28, 2011

Big City Cupcakes

Last spring I traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia for my little sister's graduation from film school.  My family is wonderful, and they indulged me a few times on this trip by making stops at some cupcakeries.

First up was Big City Cupcakes (website here), a short 10-minute walk from my sister's apartment in Yaletown.  

Big City Cupcakes has 6 of their own locations in the Vancouver area.  In addition to this, their products are sold at over 10 other retailers throughout the province of BC.

This bakery definitely has the 'big city' feel.  The decor is minimalist, with lots of black, grey, white and chrome (sorry didn't take any pics of the inside).

The staff at the downtown Vancouver location were sooo friendly and helpful.  By the time we left, the girl behind the counter pretty much knew our entire life stories, and us hers!  In addition to becoming mine, my mom's, and my sister's new BFF, she was also very informative about their cupcakes!

15 flavours are offered daily at Big City Cupcakes.  I chose Lemon Drop, and my mom went with a Chocolate Mounds (chocolate cupcake topped with a ganache centre topped with coconut butter cream, rolled in coconut and drizzled with ganache).  I am completely blanking on what my sister ordered...but here she is about to enjoy it!

These cupcakes were delish - moist and flavourful, and the frosting was yummy too - I just wished there was a bit more of it!  

Big City Cupcakes also offers gluten, dairy, and egg free options for people with sensitivities or allergies, which is a great bonus that not many other bakeries can boast about.  

They also have the cutest 'cupcake cuddlers' for weddings.  I grabbed this photo from their website - don't you love these?!

All in all, I enjoyed Big City Cupcakes, but was underwhelmed with their flavour options and decor.  Big points for customer service though!  Overall, I would rate them at a 7 out of 10, all things considered.

During my week in Vancouver, I visited three cupcake shops.  More BC blogs to come!!

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