Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Reviews Coming up!

Anytime I visit a new city, my main mission is to find that city's cupcake shop (or shops, if I'm lucky!)

Over the past few years I have documented all of my bakery visits and have taken my mission very seriously.

And now I finally have a forum to write about them!  So, in the next couple of weeks, I plan on blogging about some of my favourite cupcake spots in cities like San Diego, Vancouver, and even Kitchener  (my American friends are currently saying 'huh?')

Stay tuned and stay hungry!  Here's a little preview:


  1. i just found a cupcake shop miles from my house. it was closed when we drove by. so you need to come down again. and we can make that key lime pie cupcake and check out this bakery!!

  2. Sarah - you've got it! The Cake Box was where I first fell in love with the idea of a cupcake shop!!