Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best of British Columbia!

After a little bit of a hiatus, let's go back in time to my trip to BC and finish up with the tastiest cupcake I had during my visit there!

You may recognize this cupcake shop from a TV show that aired last year on Slice Network in Canada, called 'Cupcake Girls'.  The show told the story of two best friends, Heather and Lori, who started their own cupcake shop after working in New York City for several years.  Going through the events of September 11th inspired them to finally realize their dream, and to return to a simpler life.   I loved watching the show and watching these two friends, neither one of them with any baking experience whatsoever, go through the stress and struggles of starting their own business.  

Today, business is booming for these Cupcake Girls.  From their first store opening in 2002, they now have several shops in the Greater Vancouver area, and even offer franchising!

Simply called Cupcakes, Heather and Lori's brainchild is a fantastic spot.  The decor in their stores is the best I have seen!  All pink and brown, bright and fun, their pretty shop and its cute awning beckon you inside.

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 We visited the Cupcakes located on Thurlow Street in downtown Vancouver.  About ten different flavours were offered, and it was so hard to choose just one!

 I ended up opting for their Pink Lemonade flavour - a lemon cupcake with a pink lemonade buttercream frosting.

Absolutely diviiiiiiine.

Moist, rich, sweet yet slightly tart lemon cake, with a frosting that really did taste just like pink lemonade.  Being one of my favourite drinks of all time, anything that tastes like pink lemonade rates pretty high in my books!

I loved all of the cute merchandise for sale in Cupcakes too - t-shirts, pink and brown polka-dotted aprons, and reusable bags, which I picked up for myself (please ignore the fact that my dad and sister look slightly pyscho in the following photo):

Heather and Lori's story of following their cupcake dreams inspires me, so I'll leave off with the link to their Facebook page.  Aren't they just the cutest?!  Them, their store, and their cupcakes!  Fantastic!

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