Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seattle's Best Cupcake!

After a few fun days in Bellingham, we headed back down to Seattle for the tail end of our trip. One of the girls I was traveling with asked a few local students where the best spot to get a cupcake was, and they suggested Cupcake Royale.  This bakery has a few locations, but my two fellow tasters and I visited their Ballard store, which was in a really pretty area of downtown Seattle.  

My first impression upon walking into Cupcake Royale was that the shop was 'hardcore cute'. There was pink everywhere, but it was contrasted against black accents and the largest amount of tattooed males that I've ever seen working in a bakery.  The decor really worked though, I loved its 'tough' industrial feel with just the right amount of pretty touches.  Maybe a photo will help to give you a better idea of what I mean:

About a dozen flavours were offered that day, including some very interesting combinations, like Maple Whiskey Bacon:

We picked this one up for our friend Micah, and he quite enjoyed it.  The more 'masculine' cupcakes with ingredients like bacon seem to be very trendy right now and are popping up everywhere!

Us girls each chose a different flavour to try.  Molly went for the Triple Threat - chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

I had the Lemon Drop,

And Abby opted for the Salted Caramel:

I'll get to the cupcakes in a second, but I want to first comment on the coffee that is also offered at Cupcake Royale.  I had a cappucino and Molly had a vanilla latte, and they were both excellent, let alone pretty with their cute foam designs:

But I digress.  Onto the cupcakes!!

Wow.  Wow wow wow wow wow.  I think this was the only word coming out of our mouths as we scarfed down our delicious treats.  These cupcakes were some of the best I have ever eaten.

Let me say again....

These cupcakes are some of the best I have EVER eaten!!

Seriously.  The cake was unlike any other cake I have ever tried.  In texture it resembled the airiness of an angel food cake, but in reality it was much denser and more rich.  And the frosting was just perfect - creamy, sweet, and with just the right amount of tart lemon flavour.

Molly loved her Triple Threat - the cake was moist and rich, and the frosting was divine!

And Abby's Salted Caramel cupcake....oh my word.  If I could eat chocolate without severe consequences, I would have marched right back up to the counter and ordered one of those for myself too.  The frosting was to die for - you could really taste the salty caramel, and it mixed so well with the chocolate cake.  Heavenly.

Ya'll know how much I love Crumbs, and I have to admit that its going to take one heck of a cupcake to ever beat out one of theirs, but Cupcake Royale is most definitely up there at the top of my list.  From the coffee to the ambience to their all-natural ingredients (everything is organic and from local farmers - love that!), Cupcake Royale in Seattle is one of my most favourite, favourite bakeries ever.  I can see why it has been voted 'Seattle's Best Cupcake'!

They even encouraged composting and social responsibility, asking customers to take care of cleaning off their own tables and placing dirty silverware and dishes in the bus tub:

Here are Molly and Abby with their cakes.  Aren't they cute?!!

I'm honestly still dreaming about how good those cupcakes were!  I can only hope that one day I will be able to return to Seattle and to this wonderful spot.  Thank you Cupcake Royale for making a gloomy, rainy day in Washington so much more enjoyable for us three girls!


  1. My mouth is watering right now! I have to go to Seattle in June and you better believe that I will be making a stop at Cupcake Royale first thing!!

  2. Not a lemon fan, but looked great!! I'm so VANILLA!

  3. I feel like the kid who got pulled out of school early to go to Disneyland, but didn't even know I was going on a trip! Seriously, those cupcakes are Disneyland for adults. Well be back, for sure. I'm a fan too of Simplement D Liche both very good.